Watford in old picture postcards

Watford in old picture postcards

:   Dennis F. Edwards
:   Hertfordshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1400-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9 Cassiobury Loek on the Grand Union Canal- a place little changed over the years. The canal opened

as far as Kings Langley in

1 797; the engineer was William jessop. Both the Earl of Essex and the Earl of

Clarendon (at nearbyThe Grove) tolerated the canal because they felt it would little disturb their rural se-

clusion, but the Canal Company had to pay :SIS,OOO and ;(SOO compensation respectively.

10 The Grove, seat of the Villiers family (the Clarendon title created in 1 77 6). The house mainly dates

from 1756, with major alterations in 1 788 and

1 850. The estate was sold to the London, Midland

and Scottish Railway in 1939. It is now a business college.

11 A rare photograph from Iune 1915, showing men of the 1 st and 4dl Norfolk Regiment practising 'hop pole' bridge building on the river Gade.

12 Now the war is over! Peace procession Iuly 1919 through the public area of Cassiobury (acquired by the COUl1Cil in 191 2).

13 It hardly seems possible that today this is one of the busiest parts ofWatford. But the junetion of the Riekmansworth, Hernpstead, St.Albans and High

Street roads looked like this ninety years ago. To celebrate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887, 'a fine young oak from Cassiobury' was planted at the

erossroads by the Countess of Essex, with the Earl of Essex and town dignitaries and the band of the Watford Volunteers in attendanee.

14 By1936trafficproblems at the crossroads saw the aak chopped down and a traffic roundabout installed. The house in the

trees on the left is The Elms, shortly to be dernolished for the newTown Hall.

15 The roundabout and the new Town Hall about 1948. The building was de-

signed in plain and furietional style by C. Cowles Vosey (son of the famous

Charles Vosey) and the foundation stone was laid in May 1938.

16 TheTown Hall was only just eompleted in September 1939 as the Seeond

World War began and was not fully used by the Couneil until 1946.

17 Watfard's famous pond is the only surviving example of a number of pools that were a natural

feature in ancient times and used by cattle and harses. The estate on the far right belonged to Iohn

Sedgewick. solicitar and clerk to the Watford Local Board (council).

d. Waffi r

18 The pond ab out 1903. There was a ramp sa that harses and carts could

enter the water for bath cleaning and drinking. Ta the left is Northend House.

with the crossroads and The Elms in the far distance.

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