Watford in old picture postcards

Watford in old picture postcards

:   Dennis F. Edwards
:   Hertfordshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1400-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19 The old houses and their wooded grounds have been replaced by shops

and the pond has been

landscaped. Ta the top right a Green Line coach is just passing the roundabout, whilst on the left are the

'Tudorbethan' style premises of Cakebread and Robey, for many years a well-known builders' mer-

chant store. The company also had showrooms at Station Raad in Harrow. The building is now a café bar.

20 Back to the early days and a horse and cart cool down in the pond one hot afternoon about 1904.

Darby's Nursery on the right had extensive grounds stretching back to Weymouth Street,

2 1 The same place some fifty years later, with parades of shops built in the late 1930's on the site of Iohn Sedgewick's house.

22 The view looking the other way towards the town centre. Note the Plaza Café on the left, seen here next to the Odeon Cinema.

The original cinema opened here in April 192 9 as The Plaza, but was taken over by the Odeon Circuit in October 1936 and re-

named. Later the building was demolished and the seeond Odeon was a renaming of the old Gaumant Cinema in 1964.

23 The pond area about 1961. Monmouth House was originally built in 1610 by Sir Robert Carey,

Duke of Monmouth, and it eventually became the Dower house for the Essex family. Altered many times

- including being couverted into separate houses - it was skilfully transformed into modern shops and

commercial premises in

1 92 7, using materials salvaged from Cassiobury House.

24 Across the raad stood the Old Fire Station and Upton House (used as Council Offices until

1939).The whole block of buildings here was swept away in one of the first great 'irnprovernents' in the

1960's, being replaced by Gade House (opened on 28January 1965).

25 It's sale time at Clements in 1907. On the extreme right is Sainsburys, with one of their horse-

drawn delivery carts outside. Alfred Clement opened his drapery 'emporium' here in 1898.

26 Clement's store began to expand in the 1900's and Mr. Clement an-

nounced that 'Our assistants have strict instructions not to press any artiele on

an unwilling customer'. Clernents are still trading from the same site today.

The Parade. Watford

27 The year is 1960 and the view is of High Street looking towards Mon-

mouth House, with Upton House on the left. Many of the onee famous High

Street shops have long disappeared.

28 There seems ra be na traffic problem in Market Place near the junction with Clarendon Raad in

191 2. The lime trees grew in front of the Lime Tree Temperance Hotel. The buildings here were later

called Dudley's Corner. Across the street the tall building, next to the white fronted Empress Tea

Rooms, is Bucks, a wellknown and long established bakery and caterer,

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