Watford in old picture postcards

Watford in old picture postcards

:   Dennis F. Edwards
:   Hertfordshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1400-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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39 A view further down High Street back in 1906 near the prernises of Frederick Downer, whose wellequipped photographic

studios were patronised 'by a number of noble and aristocratie patrons' . It was Downer's local views, and also those of Coles of

Queen's Road, that were used for many postcards. Infortunately, many of their glass negatives were lost in the 1960's during the

wide-spread clearance of central Watford.

40 St. Mary's Church dates back to Norman days, although the tower is

15th century. There was a restoration in 1848 and a major one in 1871, when

the exterior walls were clad in flints. The fine east window was destroyed in an

air raid during the Second WorldWar.

41 St. Mary's. with the old church schools on the left. They were founded in

1841 and were here until 1922. In the disrance can be seen Ballards Buildings

and the One Bell public house.

42 The OldVicarage stood on the south si de of the churchyard from 1630 until1916.

43 AsWatford grew, so did the need for more churches. St.Andrew's, Park Raad,

was designed in 1857 by Sebastian Sanders Teulon. The church was attended

by many of the railway workers living in this new part ofVictorian Watford.

·Sf. cIlndreaJ 's Olzurclt, Wq.fjorá.

44 The interior of St. Michael and All Angels at the junction ofMildredAvenue and Durban Raad.

The foundation stone was laid on 30th September 191 1 and the church was consecrated in 1913. The

building of the church owned much to the funds raised by Mildred Schreiber, who lived at Dulton

House in Lower High Street) .

45 A return to the town centre and a busy scene in High Street near the junction with Queeri's Raad

(Ie ft) and King Street. The building with the dame was for many years the premises af Boots, and in

more recent times Ketts electrical retailers. It now stands at the entrance to the Harlequin Centre. Also

on the left is the Eight Bells, which is recarded in 1 753 as The Barley Maw.

46 High Street, with Barclays Bank left on the corner of King Street. The bank buildings date from

191 1. King Street was laid out by Jonathan King of Watford Place in 1851, when he converted what

had been the drive to the house.

47 Looking up hili from Lower High Street about 1965. Many of the rather untidy shop fronts mask

much earlier structures. During restoration work at this time at number 137, a mural depicting the Royal

Arms of ]ames I was discovered (now in Watford Museum).

48 By the 1880's, Watford was expanding and the area around St. Albans

Road was built up. Small industries established and a separate suburb developed.

The Watford Electric Coliseum cinema opened along here in 1918.

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