Watford in old picture postcards

Watford in old picture postcards

:   Dennis F. Edwards
:   Hertfordshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1400-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49 Salesmari's card advertising the clothing establishment of]. R. Gale at 158 St. Alban's Raad about 1902. There seems very

little space left in the windows! Mr. Gale stocked not only garments for men and wamen, but curtains and floor coverings as weIl.

Pre euted by .11r ..


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A Speciality,

50 Clarendon Raad was the grandest of the new roads -laid out from the aId High Street. Named after the Earl of Clarendon

ofThe Grove, it was opened in 1864. It was lined with large and sometimes ugly mansions owned by local business-

men and the more affluent 'commuters' who worked in London. The tower and spire of the Congregational church on the left. Now all

has been transformed into a street of office blocks and private car parks.

5 1 Vicarage Road is now not only a well-known Watford street, but a name known throughout the

football world. The famous football ground at the far end was opened on 30th August 1922.The gates on

the left mark the entrance to the cemetery, opened in 1858.

52 Extraordinary scene at Vicarage Raad by the cemetery gates on Tuesday, 3rd October 1905. Vast crowds of mourners and just curi-

ous Watford people have turned out for the funeral of Mary Money, a local girl who had worked as a bar maid in Lavender Hill,

London. Her body was found in the Merstham Tunnel on the London Brighton and South Coast Railway, south of Croydon

on 24th September - and foul play was suspected.

53 Queeri's Raad by the junction with High Streel. Laid out in 1860, the raad was at one time called Queen Streel. The section

seen here is now entirely abliterated except as a pedestrian entrance to the Harlequin Centre.

54 On the right in this rather gloomy view of Queen's Road is the Watford School of Science and

Art, and the Public Library. The buildings were opened in 1874 under the patronage ofthe Earl ofClaren-

don. Later, in more recent times, Sainsbury had a branch along this part of the road. The school build-

ings were destroyed by fire about twenty years ago.

Queen's Road, Walford

SS Queen's Raad looking toward the town centre from Derby Raad. The Methodist Church and the Post Office are on the right. The Post Office

openedherein 1885. Beyond are the premises of Trewin Brothers. All has now been swept away by the pedestrianisation of the area and the building of

new roads and pedestrian underpasses.

S6 Wartord's third large department store was Trewin Brathers further along Queen's Raad, near the junction with Derby Raad. F. T. Trewin pur-

chased an existing shop and converted it into a general department store. In 1926 the store advertised: "The shopping centre where everything for the

hause and wardrobe can be obtained.' The business was later acquired by the john Lewis Partnership and after the Second World War, a new building was erect-

ed. The new and much largerTrewins opened in the Harlequin Centre on 19thAugust 1990.

57 The Empire Picture Hall, Merton Road, opened its doors for entertainment

on 6th November 1913 and has been in business ever since. Equipment for

showing sound films was installed in August 1929,

58 The London Orphan Asylum was founded in Clapham in 1815 and moved out to the more sa-

lubrious air of Hertfordshire, just north ofWatford Station, in 1871.

Eondon. Ot-phan .Äsy[um Front,

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