Watford in old picture postcards

Watford in old picture postcards

:   Dennis F. Edwards
:   Hertfordshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1400-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69 A London and North Western Railway 'Scotch' express at Bushey troughs ninety years ago.

L. );".W.R. C TCH EXP


70 At the same spot in 1939, withanLMSnarthbound express for Glasgow headed by Number 6203 'Princess Margaret Rose' .

71 One of a series of advertisements issued by the London and North Western Railway just before 1914. Euston electric trains did not begin until 1922, but Bakerloo Line tube trains ran over the new tracks during the First World War, possibly to bring thousands of workers to the Government munition factories just north of Watford ]unction.


The Opening of the Ne. L.' N. W. Line between Willesden and Watford on february 10th with

DeW .1&1ioou ot Hatk.deo. Stooebtidce Park. Nanb WellI!>Iey. Kenion. Headatoae Lue. Watford Weot. and Craxley Gree.. hu opeoed up lil e.atirei)- ????? Reaiclential Districl 10 the City MaR.

Thi. District hu beea .try .pproprialdy calkd


end, commetlOOC FebrllOlY 10tJ.. !he train ..mee Irom aD<! 10 Ewton will be c:ouiderobly _oted. makîng il es peciaUy COOl>om- 10 tbe City M ????

Cheap Reats. Perfect Sanitatioa. Good Sehook Excellent Golf Counea. AmpIe Water s.pply.

Rond. pool oW lo &<jul..,. Ollieo. EllIlon 8totion. N. W. lor èee booklet. ont.itled ?? NoRb·WooterD Cou.try 11_ ~

North-Western Country Homes.

72 After 1919 regular motor bus services were resumed at Watford and a number of operators began routes. This is a London

General Country bus about 1931.

73 The National Bus Company was founded by Thomas Clarkson and

covered a "vide area of the route 306 waits at the ter-

countryside to the north of minus.

London. Here a bus on

74 The Metropolitan Railway and the London and North Eastern Railway built the new branch line from Moor Park, and also

from Rickmansworth, to the edge ofWatford in

192 5. This is the opening ceremony on Watford Metropolitan Station 31 st Oc-

tober 1925. The Mayor of Watford, Alderman M. A. Thorpe, and the Town Clerk, with Lord Faringdon, Chairman of the

LNER (left), and Lord Aberconway (Chairman ofthe Metropolitan) on the right.

75 Watford Met station has never been busy. Here a 'T' stock train waits in vain

for passengers one day in the late 1940's. Part of the seldom-used cattle dock

and freight yard is to the right.

76 The last picture is of transport of a different kind! A horse-drawn cart selling vegetables to same

joHy Asian ladies, Durban Raad 1994. A last link between the old style of Watford life and the new.

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