Wellington in old picture postcards

Wellington in old picture postcards

:   D.J. Marshall
:   Somerset
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2953-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9. The staff of Wellington Post Office pose outside of their place of work in High Street. Mr. Midgley, the postmaster, is seated in the centre and the paternal grandfather of one of the authors (G.J.H.) is fifth from the right in the third row.

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10. Procession along High Street in eommemoration ofthe eoronation of King George V, June 1911. The horse-drawn engine of the town fire brigade ean be seen in the middle distanee.

11. A gathering of walkers outside the Town Hall building prior to the 1914 beating of the parish bounds. The young boys in the foreground are carrying willow wands and boundary markers inscribed 'W.P.B. 1914'.

12. The north-west side of the town centre showing (from left to right) the entrance to Cornhill, the Post Office and the Town Hall building. This postcard was therefore issued before the transfer ofthe Post Office to its present site in High Street in 1911.

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~I~ard.& Son s, Coach Builder. Wcilillaton-Somcrse':-

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13. This postcard was published circa 1906 when horse-drawn transport was slowly being superseded by the motor car. It shows the coach-building workshop of Half yard & Sons in North Street and was sent by Mr. Halfyard's daughter, Cissie.

.. -

14. North Street had more shops in the early 1900's than it has today, and their owners were eager to pose for local photographer A.E. French. The state of the road was not helped by the passage of horses which pulled vehicles full of passengers or goods to the station at the northem end of the town.

15. These butchers have decorated their shop in North Street with holly and mistletoe in preparation for the Christmas trade. This photograph was taken before turkey became the traditional seasonal fare.

16. North Street at its junction with Victoria Street and Courtland Road. The tall railings on the left surround the workhouse which was demolished in 1973, and the large building in the middle distance housed the Co-operative Society until its recent conversion into flats.

17. Pupils of Courtland Road School assem bIe for their photograph in 1911. The date, and the fact that they are all wearing medaIs, suggests that this is another celebration of the coronation of King George V.

18. Uniformed members of Wellington Bicyc1e Club relax beside their penny-farthings and trïcyc1es at Courtland Raad School.

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