Wellington in old picture postcards

Wellington in old picture postcards

:   D.J. Marshall
:   Somerset
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2953-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29. A railway station served Wellington from 1844 until its much mourned closure in 1964. This postcard shows one of the Great Western Railway's most famous trains, the Cornish Riviera Express, passing through the station in the first decade of this century.

Tonedale Works, Wellington

30. A view of the extensive textile factory of Fox Bros at Tonedale. This firm developed the distinctive khaki colour and, soon after this photograph was taken, produced thousands of pairs of puttees for the British troops fighting in the Great War.

31. Children outside of Fox Bros faetory at Tonedale with theirimprovised hand-earts. These earts were used to deliver cloth to outworkers in the town.

32. Whilst workmen leave Fox Bros factory ...

33 .... their wives and families wait for them at Crosslands Terrace, Tonedale.

34. An earIy road accident at the turn of the century. This steam engine has overturned at BurchilI's HilI, attracting a crowd of curious onlookers.

35. The first aircraft to visit Wellington landed in a field to the north ofthe town on 31 May 1912. The French pilot, M. Salmet, was greeted by boys from County School singing 'La Marseillaise'.

36. An idyllic scene beside the River Tone at Winsbier. The cottages still exist in a modified form and the lane on the right leads to Runnington.

37. A sentimental poem, dated 1919, which extols the virtues of Wellington. Similar poems were written for other Somerset towns.


B. EVES. Aun.o ??

'UmeHt neten.

TK1S pretty little country town, In Somerset doth stand, With its mou uments erected, High on the billy land.

Here tempting shops are weU displayed,

In streets so wide and clean. -

Vith its fine TOWD Hall aud Office, So aear the een tee seen ,

How beeutifut the green clad Park, where lovers of ten rove,

Around the shrobs and iloral beds, And shady old beeca grove,

PÎnuac1ed o'er the tall old trees.

You view the otd Church tower, Oft s~ r eetly chimiug On eigbt beUs, Thc peaceful hallowed hour.

Tbe factory makes its woelten serge, 1'0 ctcthe you wanu and gay.

And o'er the world th at you will go, You see it wo~n to-day,

Through N}'nc Head's channing, wooded vale, Flows on the merry tcue,

'Where the live!>' trout are playing', Around the nver stone,

Away awc)Ug the Quautock bills, Echoes the hun tsmants hor-a,

Vith the cry of ~he hounds bard ruuuiug, Thc fox dowu Ul ure mom.

Fair W~ltiugtou ! sweet Vellington, Arrayed in Spring with pr-imröse hue, Where many a homely girl is workiug, And vîolets blow their scent to you,


38. The approach to Rockwell Green as it was in about 1910. The Barley Mow Inn can be seen on the right and the skyline is marked by the presence of only one water tower the second was not built until1934.

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