Wellington in old picture postcards

Wellington in old picture postcards

:   D.J. Marshall
:   Somerset
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2953-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49. A coach and pair hurries along Fore Street, but the changing times are heralded by the presence of a garage and the 'Automobile Association' sign hanging outside The Squirrel Hotel.


First-Class Family and Commercial Hote!. Headquarters 0/ Cyclists' Tauring Club.

/'osting in ai! its branches. Hearse and Funera! Coaches on the Premises. M. CHIPLlNG. Proprietor.

50. An advertising postcard for The Squirrel Hotel, Fore Streef. Part of the building became the premises of the Wellington Museum in 1983 after having lain empty for several years.

51. Rowe Bros emporium in Fore Street. The message on the reverse reads 'We had 5,000 (of these eards) printed for an add. (sic.) for the Sale but they did not eome in time'.

52. A view of Fore Street which shows the shop of W.R. Smith & Son severa1 buildings west of its present location. This firm published several series of Wellington postcards from 1907 onwards, examples ofwhich appear as Nos. 3, 41 and 73 in this book.

53. A view along Fore Street from the een tre of the town. The two large awnings on the left advertise the businesses of Peel Bros, tailors/ outfitters, and Shaplands, bakers/ caterers/ eonfeetioners/ restaurateurs.

54. An animateel town centre scene during the 1908 Agricultural Show. Temporary stalls have been erected outside the Town Hall building on the left and a horse-bus can be seen carrying visitors from the station.

55. South Street seen from the town centre. The awnings supported by vertical iron rods indicate a hot summer day although there are not many shoppers about.

56. The Wellington Town Band leads a procession along South Street on Lifeboat Saturday in 1908. A series of postcards illustrates the progress of the procession to The Basins where a lifeboat was launched. Money was collected throughout to aid the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.


-L -


57. In 1908 Wellington was the venue for an agrieultural show, and decorated arches were constructed at the entranees to the town in Fore Street, High Street, South Street and Station Road. This posteard shows the areh in South Street.

~I J, '"_

58. A red deer stag is displayed outside The Green Dragon Inn in South Street. It has probably just been brought down from the Blackdown Hills,

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