Whitby in old picture postcards

Whitby in old picture postcards

:   Alan Pickup
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2437-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9. This is the railway bridge at Ruswarp, Whitby, littered with debry, including a rowing boat on the railway track after the disasterous floods of Ju1y 23rd, 1930.

10. This very spectacular shot shows the railway bridge at Glaisdale, Whitby, which was completely demolished by the flood waters on July 23rd, 1930. The railway track remains intact suspended in mid air looking more like a telegraph wire than a railway line.

11. This quaint circular thatched building, which appears to have a chimney, was known as The Hermitage and was to be found in Mulgrave Woods, Whitby, and is certainly pre-1918.

12. This wonderful character study is of John The Whitby Town Crier. His poster is advertising a furniture sale on October 25th, 1904. In the background is a chemist's shop. Note his bell to drawattention to his announcements and the fact that his right leg is considerably shorter than his left one.

13. This is the scene of the fatal accident on B1ue Bank, Sleights near Whitby, when a char-a-banc failed to negotiate the steep hill on July 22nd, 1929 and crashed into the cottage on the hillside. Four passengers were killed and a further eight were seriously hurt. A number of other shots of this trage dy are known to exist and I am anxious to locate them.

14. This covered waggon pulled by two horses, seen at the corner of F1owergate, Whitby, must go back to the turn ofthe century.

15. This shows the remains of the hospital ship Rohilla, registered at G1asgow, which sank off Whitby during the First World War on 30 October 1914 with the loss of severallives.


16. The coffins of the victims of the wrecked hospital ship Rohilla, which sank off Whitby on October 30th, 1914, being 1aid to rest. Each coffin was carried on a flat cart pulled by a horse and was escorted by Boy Scouts on the journey round the harbour side. Huge crowds tumed out to pay their last respects.

REL'A8LE ~ SER.ES. 948/4

Ru.warp, Whitby.

17. The on1y sign of life at all on this card of 1913 is a horse and cart and one other horse by the railway crossing gates at Ruswarp, Whitby, This gives a very clear view of the old road bridge over the river Esk,

Whitby Abbey.

18. This eard of 1916 records w hat is.one of the most well-known and traditional eards of Whitby. The abbey ruins with eattle grazing peacefully in the background.

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