Whitby in old picture postcards

Whitby in old picture postcards

:   Alan Pickup
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2437-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29. A beach scene and these entertainers have certainly gathered a good crowd to wateh their performance. The bathing hut on the right has an advert painted on the side which reads: 'A live paper for women Mrs. Bull, Tuesdays Id.' On the Ieft are three more bathing huts actually in the water, but there is not a naked body in sight!

30. The west door of Whitby Abbey makes a most impressive 'picture frame' for the view beyond.

31. The Ghaut, one of many of these very narrow litt1e streets which provides the visitor with a surprise view of the harbour. Originally all these old properties wou1d have been occupied by old fisher families.

32. Caedmon's Cross looking over the harbour to the hotels on the West Cliff. Today many of these are now converted into self catering holiday flats to meet the style of today's holiday makers.

33. The dis aster that took place about the turn of the century at Beggar's Bridge, Glaisdale. This covered waggon was being pulled by two horses; something frightened the first horse and it jumped over the bridge taking the second horse with it. This dramatic picture shows the second horse still hanging, strangled by its own harness. The first horse has been cut down and is dead in the stream below.

34. Just putting the finishing touches to Whitby school 1912. The workmen are rolling the tarmac paths by hand. The narrow guage railway line in the foreground was used to carry bricks. The school has on1y had three headmasters in all these years.

35. These six horses pulling this wood cant are at Sneaton near Whitby, The date 1908 and the landlord of the pub is Thomas Lowther.

36. This house at Staithes near Whitby was wrecked by the sea before 1905. The chap on the right with the pair of wheels is helping remove belongings.

37. These brave women of Runswiek Bay near Whitby 1aunched the lifeboat to save their husbands on April 12th, 1901. Even to this day some of the women who live at Staithes still wear these bonnets and aprons.

38. These three Edwardian ladies are taking astroll and pausing to admire the view at Glen Esk near Whitby pre-19üS.

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