Whitby in old picture postcards

Whitby in old picture postcards

:   Alan Pickup
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2437-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69. Fishermen's wives gutting herring with the Marine Hotel. Marsh Hili is in the background.

70. Ye Olde Ship Launch public house with Robert J. Breckon as 1icencee. The inscription says 'The Home of the Press Gang' where those who had consumed too much ale wou1d be encouraged to join the forces. The board on the right reads 'Recruits Wanted for all branches of His Majesty's, Army app1y to the reeruiter or to any branch of the Post Office.' This card is dated 1915, during the First W orld War.

71. This eard was published by T. Turner of Skipton. The writer had enjoyed the water earnival the previous evening, which was aeeompanied by a band and the Bohemian Choir. The bathing huts ean be seen by the water's edge and bathing tents ean be hired. All the ladies have long dresses or skirts to their ankles and the men are wearing straw boaters.

72. The packed Whitby West Cliff Promenade at the turn of the century with a coach and horses driving along it. It is obviously a scorehing day as the Iadies all have parasols up to proteet them from the sun.

73. The Women's Ward in the Whitby Cottage Hospital as it was in 1905. It was sent by a patient in the ward to Miss Bowron of Church Street, Whitby.

74. One of the local industries for which Whitby is famous is jet carving, This is a scene, undated, inside a jet carvers shop.

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75. This card of Kettleness station on the old North Eastern Railway Line between Whitby and Middiesbrough dates from the early part of this century and is by T. Watson of Lythe, a prolific producer of postcards of the Whitby area in this period, The line closed about 1958.



76. The Market P1ace in 1905 with many of the goods displayed on the floor and others in baskets or barrels. In the background is the Silver Grid Fish and Chip restaurant.

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