Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

:   R.A. Croft
:   Buckinghamshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4870-2
:   80
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9. In 1911 a group of women workers from McCorquodales printers went on strike. This was an extremely unusual event in the pre-war years and the banner in the photograph records their message 'National Federation of Women Workers - To Fight, To Struggle, To Right (The Wrongs?)', the final part of the banner is obscured. This photograph shows the procession walking through the west endofWolverton.

10. Wolverton has had a long tradition of brass bands, the earliest known reference to a band is in 1864 at the opening of the Science and Arts Institute. A second band was formed by the members of the Wolverton Company of the Bucks Volunteers and this survived from 1877 until 1907 when it became the Territorial Band of the 1st Buckinghamshire Battalion of the Oxon. and Bucks. Light Infantry. This photograph is dated c.1910 and the two bands survived until the outbreak of the First World War. In 1920 the Wolverton band came third in the National Brass Band Festival at Crystal Palace. This particular band is gathering together in The Square, at Wolverton .

11. This impressive display of fresh meat was recorded for posterity by an unknown photographer c.1915. The Wolverton Co-operative Society's butchers shop was in Church Street, large displays such as this one were usually restricted to the Christmas period, The shop has now been demolished.

H NORIVIflN, Butcher & Game Dealer.


12. Another view of a local Wolverton butcher's shop decorated with its Christrnas fare. Harry Norrnan's shop was in the Stratford Road opposite Wolverton Works. A butcher's shop still occupies the site although the fine shop front has now been altered. There is no date on the photograph, but it is thought to be dated c.1910.

13. The town of Wolverton functioned as the focal point for many services needed by the surrounding villages. lf it was difficuit to get into town the butcher came to you in his horse drawn van. The name of this partienlar butcher is not recorded but with his modified surgical boot it should be possibie to identify him. The photographis thought to be c.190S.

14. A horse-drawn brake is about to depart from Church Street, Wolverton. The occasion was an excursion of the Wolverton Conservative Club outing c.191O. The local Conservative club meeting room was on the north side of Church Street adjacent to Church Street back-way in a building called The Marier Hall. The hall was demolished some years ago and the site is currently used as a carpark. In this photograph Mrs. Tarry, the wife of the host of the Victoria Hotel, is seeing them off.

15. Wolverton has had the reputation of having a good local football team for almost a century. In this 1923 photograph, the 'Juniors' are all wearing the same team strip of claret and blue and appear to be reasonably happy with themselves. It is thought that this photograph was taken in the 'top Recreation Ground' on the south side of Victoria Street.


16. The painted sign board clearly shows the date and occasion for the gathering of this august group of Wolverton men. The Royal Engineer was frequented by many men from the works and this group with their fine buttonholes must be seen as typical. Where this group went on its second annual outing has yet to be discovered.

17. Prior to c.1906 Western Raad formed one of the southern boundaries of Wolverton. The large building on the left is Wolverton Central Working Men's Club or the 'Top Club'. Houses were yet to be built in this part of Western Raad and Peel Raad.

18. At the corner of Cambridge Street and Stratford Road was the Wolverton Working Men's Club and Institute. The Club started in 1894 at 72 Church Street and opened here in Stratford Road in July 1898. It is still in popular everyday use by many men from Wolverton Works. The building is a fine example of late Victorian brickwork. The special occasion recorded here was the Coronation of Edward VII in 1902.

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