Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

:   R.A. Croft
:   Buckinghamshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4870-2
:   80
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19. The year 1911 saw the Coronation of King George V. In common with many towns around the country, Wolverton celebrated the event with a sporting competition. Numerous events of this type were held in the fields around Stacey Hill Farm.

20. Wolverton Recreation Ground was opened on Monday the 3rd of August 1885 and soon became known as The Park. It is thought that this photograph records that memorable event when nearly 5,000 people walked in procession from the town to the entrance to the Recreation Ground. The walls of the main workshop can be seen on the right.

21. The Park soon became the local centre for all major sporting events such as Athletic Club meetings and football matches. It was famous for its cycle track, running track, football pitch, bowling lawn and tennis courts. The most important event in the athletic calendar was the Whitsun meeting which was held every Whit Monday from 1886 unti11914. This view was taken c.1910 looking down the steps which led into The Park. On the right can be seen the timber-clad walls of the waiting room on the fast platform at Wolverton Station. The chimney in the far distance was part of Wolverton Gasworks now demolished.

22. Wolverton Park was the scene of many festive occasions. Here the 1907 Wolverton Flower Show is in full swing. The main events at 'The Park' were associated with sporting activities, particularly Athletic Club meetings and football matches. The football club was formed in 1887 as the Wolverton L.N. W.R. Association Football Club.

23. The Sports Ground Wolverton was a popular reereational area for the people of Wolverton and still survives minus these fine timber pavilions. The Tennis and Cricket Pavilion near Osborne Street was demolished in 1972 and replaeed by the short-lived new pavilion known loeally as 'The Pineapple'. The Bowls Pavilion faired better than the others. The 'Ree' is still used for some sporting events.

24. There was never any shortage of spare timber from Wolverton Railway Works or from Tilley's wood yard, and it is assumed that mueh of the timber shown here eame from those sources. This partieular photograph is dated 1905 and several survive reeording the efforts of the men and boys who built the Wolverton bonfires in 1906 and 1907. The venue for many of these events were the fields around Stacey Hill Farm, which were let out on such occasions by Mr. Richards the farmer.

25. This view of Stratford Road, Wolverton was taken c.1915 and on the right can be seen Barbers Electric Picture Palace. The cinema was the third one to open in Buckinghamshire and it first opened its doors on Monday the 18th December 1911 with a showing of the film Zigomar. The building still survives but ceased to be a cinema in 1964. It is now a bingo hall. East of the cinema is the Craufurd Arms public house which then had a substantial brick wall around its garden. In the centre ofthe roadjustin front ofthe cart are the lines ofthe Wolverton to Stony Stratford Tramway.

26. The airship RlOO over Church Street, Wolverton, a snapshot photograph from the late Miss Bertha Lane. With the ill-fated sister-ship, the R101, these airships were associated with the Cardington Hangars ne ar Bedford. There are several reports of sitings of the airships f1ying across Bedfordshire and North Buckinghamshire in the 1920's.

27. Just before the Great War, North Buckinghamshire and South Northamptonshire were the scene of Army manouvres in August and September 1913. Local camp sites were at Stacey HilI and Warren Farm, Wolverton. Here a pontoon bridge is being built presumably on the River Ouse.

28. King George V took an interest in the rnanouvres and inspected the troops at various locations. He had been staying with Lord Spencer at Althorp Park. The car in which he travelled registered AA4296, has stopped for the crowd awaiting hirn at Tyringharn.

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