Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

:   R.A. Croft
:   Buckinghamshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4870-2
:   80
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29. Another view of the military manouvres of 1913 showing the troops marching along Stratford Road, Wolverton. This photograpb was taken just outside McCorquodale printers. Note how the windows of the factory are open and it is quite likely tbat tbe girls of Wolverton entered into a lively exchange of verbal crossfire witb the troops!

30. The Return of the Wolverton Companies of the 1st Bucks Battalion in 1919 from Wolverton Station. They are marching by the main Railway Works offices (Ieft) and the Old Market Hall! Laundry/Training School (right) on their way to a service on The Square. Note the tram lines on the right hand side ofthe road.

31. In the centre of Wolverton is Radcliffe Street. This view was taken looking north towards Church Street in c.1915. The trees on the Jeft are on the square, which was then surrounded by an impressive iron railing fence. The view is very different today. The houses on the right have been converted into shops and the centre of the street has been blocked off by the construction of the Agora shopping centre.

32. In the days before the motorcar, harses were essential both on the farm and in the town for pulling carts and moving goods. In the 1920's the loc al blacksmith for Wolverton was MI. Harold Nutt who had his forge in Church Street back way behind the old Empire cinema (now the Post Office).

33. A quiet scene in Green Lane, Wolverton, 1909. On the right is the Elrns, for many years the home of doctors 'complete with surgery, two waiting-rooms and operating theatre'. DL Ow en Harvey and later the Fildes lived there. On the left is the wall ofWolverton St. George's Vicarage gardens. In the distance can be seen No. 99 Ledsam Street, rebuilt by the L.N.W.R. as the Schoolrnaster, Mr. Hippsley's house.

34. William Henry Hopkins, Pastrycook and Confectioner, was at 37 Cambridge Street, Wolverton from 1903 to 1911, the shop then being taken over by L. Fothergill, Confectioners. A sub-Post Office on the premises moved to 44Jersey Roadin August 1913.

35. Kitchener & Sons was the first of a row of single-storey shops built in 1902 at the beginning of Stratford Road replacing a row of wooden-built shops. The land was owned by the brewery company that held the lease of The Royal Engineer Public House. Kitchener had a factory at Olney, and was the proud manufacturer of the Army Bl├╝cher Boot 'as supplied to Wolverton Workmen'. Unfortunately the firm went bankrupt in 1911 and the shop was taken over by J.W. Haylock Ltd. Boot and Shoe-makers. Today it is an Estate Agent's shop.

36. Wolverton Science and Arts Institute was the social and academie heart of Wolverton for more than 100 years. It was built by the Railway company with a !500 grant from the Science and Art Department, reputedly to a design by G.E. Street, and was opened on the 16th of May 1864 as the 'Mechanics Institution'. The main building was extended in 1880 and 1891 and in 1893 a gymnasium was added. The large bay-windowed house on the right was the caretaker's house. Many people in Wolverton and New BradweIl will remember the 'Science and Arts' with fond memories, and regret that such a useful building was destroyed by fire in 1970. A carpark currently occupies the site.

37. An exterior view of McCorquodales Printing Works, Stratford Road, Wolverton. The firm opened its first premises in 1878, gradually expanding its factory blocks westwards towards Stony Stratford. The carts moving along the road appear to be driven by men in military uniform suggesting that this photograph was taken during the military manouvres of 1913. This good example of 'factory architecture' was demolished in 1988.

38. A view inside the Binding Department of McCorquodales Printing Works, Stratford Road Wolverton. The large pots of glue are clearly visible on the work benehes and the women's full skirts are covered by large protective aprons. A number of men can be seen in the background next to the large mechanical presses. Photograph dated c.1906.

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