Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

:   R.A. Croft
:   Buckinghamshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4870-2
:   80
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39. The Congregational Church was built in 1878 and survived for more than seventy years before being demolished. The church occupied the corner of Radcliffe Street and Aylesbury Street, on the south eastern corner of The Square. The architect was Mr. George Coker who was a draughtsman in Wolverton Works, the work was carried out by Joseph Worrall of Wolverton. This part of The Square is currently occupied by a supermarket, although a number of original church foundation stones are incorporated into the modern church meeting rooms. Photograph dated c.191O.

40. At the east end of Church Street Wolverton were two shops. The Chemist and Druggist shop was owned by Mr. W. Field and the Brighton Bakery was run by Mr. Kirby in the 1920's. Both shops have changed hands several times in recent years, the shop front of the Bakery is much the same, but the front of the Chemist's, later Taylor's restaurant is now very different.

41. This crowd has gathered on the corner of Church Street and Creed Street to witness the laying of the foundation stone of the Church Institute on January 24th 1908. The building was designed by e.M. Oldrid Scott and the work was carried out by Henry Martin of Northampton.

42. On the corner of The Square and Aylesbury Street was the Wolverton Co-operative and Provident Society. The site was purchased for nDD and this photograph shows the grand opening of the shop in April 1888. The premises are now owned by the Milton Keynes Co-operative Society. The lower shop frontage has changed but the upper floor remains the same.

43. This impressive Victorian House was known as The Gables and was built by the LNWR in 1886 for its Carriage Works Superintendants at Wolverton. Mr. C.A. Park was its first occupant. The house was demolished in 1963. The high-rise flats also called The Gables and accompanying houses off St. George's Way were built on the site.

44. Today it would be difficult to stand for very long in the middle of Church Street, Wolverton. This view looking east shows the tower of the 1892 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in the distance. The spire part of the tower with its pinnacles was taken down this century because it was shown to be dangerous. A few examples of these Victorian shop fronts survive today but most of them have been modified. A substantial part of the street frontage on the centre right of this photograph was demolishedin the late 1970's to build a carpark and the Agora Centre.

45. A rather chilly street party in Bridge Street, New Bradwell, notice how most of the people are wearing their overcoats. The occasion is reputed to have been the celebrations which took place at the end of the First World War in 1919. The briek-built terrace of artisans houses was demolished in c.1973.


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46. The names of both the players and officials are recorded on this fine photograph of Stantonbury St. Peter's A.F.C. after their successful season in 1923ยท24. Two football pitches are known to have been used by this club, the earlier ground was on the east side of the town in Redbridge field near the cemetery and the later one was in the Mutual Meadows. After each game the players retired to the Foresters Arms in Newport Road where this photograph was taken.

47. This rather deserted view of the High Street, New BradweIl was taken looking westwards from Glyn Street. The shop on the corner with the cart parked outside is now a newsagents and the fine terrace of railway workers cottages on the south side of the High Street were demolished in the early 1970's.

48. It is New BradweIl Hospital Fete time again and here a group of five young ladies are representing Italy, France, Great Britain, Belgium and Russia. It was customary for the fete to have a particular theme and each float would of ten represent a different country. The annual procession was re-introduced againin 1986. The firsttime since 1941.

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