Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

Wolverton and New Bradwell in old picture postcards

:   R.A. Croft
:   Buckinghamshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4870-2
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49. This group of children have been captured by the camera standing in the snow in Caledonian Raad, New Bradweil. The photograph is not dated, but it is known from similar views that North Buckinghamshire suffered a freak snow storm in April 1906 and this photograph may record that occasion.

50. One of the oldest buildings in New BradweIl is the New Inn, built in the early years of the nineteenth century on the south side of the Grand Junction Cana!. The original inn had a large range of outbuildings and a wharf providing a useful service point mid-way between The Black Horse at Great Linford and The Locomotive (now Galleon) at OId Wolverton. When this photograph was taken c.1920, the inn was supplied with its beer from the Newport Pagnell Brewery Company. The gable end door into BradweIl Raad has now been blocked up and the wharf area is now a car park.

51. The Hospital Fete procession weaved its way through the streets of New BradweIl on its way to the Recreation Ground in Newport Road. The shop (now George's hairdresser) was on the corner ofthe High Street and Glyn Street. Photograph dated c.1905.

52. It is thought th at this photograph records one of the early Northampton Hospital fetes which were held in New BradweIl from the late nineteenth century until1941. The procession through the streets had obviously finished and the crowd had gathered in the Recreation Ground in Newport Road. The church of St. James is visible in the background and the photograph is dated c.19ü5.

53. This group of school children are standing in the playground of St. James's Church School in Church Street, New BradweIl. Bath the church in the background and the school were built to a design by G.E. Street, then Diocesan Architect for Oxford. The church and school represent one of the most interesting groups of Victorian buildings in either Wolverton or New BradweIl. It is difficult to differentiate between the girls and boys in the playground, the girls can be most readily identified by their wide brimmed hats. The photograph is dated c.1908. MI. George Howitt was headmaster of Stantonbury Council School and served there for more than 44 years. This was one of the model schools for Buckinghamshire and was extended in 1891 and 1906.

54. Standing on the south side of the Newport PagneIl Branch Line is one of north Buckinghamshire's most weIl known landmarks - New BradweIl windmill. The unusual tower mill was built of loeallimestone by Mr. Samuel Holman e.1815 and eeased working about sixty years later. When this photograph was taken the mill was obviously in a po or state of repair. The mil! has been under restoration by Milton Keynes Development Corporation for several years and it is hoped that it wil! soon be open to the general public.

55. New BradweIl station was known to many local residents as a neat and tidy station, winning prizes in several competitions. The line was opened in 1865 and ran from Wolverton to Newport Pagnell with two stops, one at New BradweIl the other at Great Linford. It is aften said that the engine, known locally as The Newport Nobby was very temperamental and rarely ran to time. The line was closed down just befare its centenary year.

56. The Territorial Drill Hall was erected in 1914 at the corner of the Haversham Road and the hili which led down to New BradweIl. The earlier meeting place of the volunteer movement had been in the Works itself with the Wol verton company of the 1st Buckinghamshire Rifle Volunteers being established in 1877. They expanded and in 1907 they became the Territoriais. The building still survives and is used by a wide variety of community groups.

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57. A nearly impossible scene to achieve today. Young girls stand with their prams in the centre of the raad known as the Station Hillieading down from Wolverton Station to New BradweIl (which is indicated here under its earlier alternative name of Stantonbury). The road sweeps by Stonebridge Farm on the right, and originally went into a sharp bend in the area known as 'Corner Pin' adjacent to the County Arms public house. This corner was 'by-passed' by a sweeping curve slightly to the north ofthe original partofthe road. The large treescame down in a gate about 1916.

58. There were few opportunities years ago to 'get away from it all', outings such as this one were Ie ss sophisticated than today's charter flight but probably more pleasurable. A Church outing about 1922 by Coal Barge (well-cleared out for the occasion!) from New BradweIl to Woughton-on-theGreen.

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