York in old picture postcards

York in old picture postcards

:   Alan Pickup
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2420-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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York. 1?ailway Statton.

9. The first class cast iron detail is seen in this interior shot of Vork Station from platform 4, showing the gas lights about the turn of the century.

10. This is Lendal Bridge as it was in 1905. It was a cast iron bridge, first open in 1863 and replacing a ferry service going back to the middle ages. The last ferryman, J ohn Leeman, was compensated when the bridge was built with a horse and cart and .LIS in cash.

View jrom Station .}(~tel, !:Jork

11. This view from the Station Hotel is about 1919 and shows two trams approaching Lendal Bridge from the station. The tram lines can be seen clearly.

12. Bootham Bar pre-1918 with cattle being driven on foot through the Bar on the way to the cattle market. In more recent years the cattle were transported by truck, but it is only in quite recent years that the site of the cattle market was moved out of the centre of the city to the new purpose built catt1e market at Murton.

The Woodbury "Series. 1'0.790.

York Minster.

13. This view of York Minster is pre-1906 and the trees are mere sapplings with fencing round them to prevent damage by dogs and horses.

14. This view of the Minster shows how these sapplings have grown into quite large trees, although it is on1y taken between 1912 and 1918.

15. The King's Manor, which is now part of the University, was originally the residence of the Abbot of St. Mary's Abbey. The Wi1berforce School for the Blind was established here in 1833 in memory of the great philanthropist William Wilberforce and was still there in 1921.

Vork iVlinster from City Wall

16. This view from the City Walls is pre-1911. Although the City Walls of York are not so complete as the walls of Chester, those of York are of much greater circumference and fare more picturesque. A complete tour of the City Walls involves a walk of two and a half to three miles.

17. This shows the passenger boat 'River King' on the Ouse. ft used to operate regular trips for visitors and holidaymakers.

York )liinster from River


18. Walmgate Bar with a pony and trap coming through. This is the only bar that still retains its barbican. This was badly knocked ab out in the Siege of York 1644 and was repaired with the stones of St. Nicholas' Church, which stood about half a mile away.

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