York in old picture postcards

York in old picture postcards

:   Alan Pickup
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2420-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. This was one of a series of cards produced to mark the Coronation of George Van 22nd June 1911 and is of an illuminated tram. Other cards showed the Mansion house and Walmgate Bar both flood lito

20. Boyes and Co, late Varvill's, showing the great fire in York, which completely destroyed the premises, and the crowds who tumed up to wateh. A similar disaster burnt out their Scarborough store in 1914.

21. Old Ouse Bridge. This picturesque old bridge, with the chapel of St. William, was removed about 1809. During the severe winter, the river being frozen over for several weeks, stalls and fires were placed on the ice and much merriment indulged in.

22. Ouse Bridge showing the tram lines and a man pushing a wheel barrow over it, but no other traffic in sight!

23. Old Black Bull. This queer old house, with its ground and first floors staggering backwards and its top floor sagging forwards like a disreputable hat, is one of the oldest inns in York. It shares its antiquity with the Black Swan and the White Horse.

24. North Street running between Wellington Row and Bridge Street, which leads directly to Ouse Bridge, contains some curious specimens of old domestic architecture. There is the old vicarage, now ~ a shop, at the junction of North Street with a narrow Wynd. lts upper story overharigs the ground floor in an oddly top heavy fashion and has a curious moulding of front tooth pattern.

25. All Saints Church is chiefly notabie for its beautifullantem tower, in which in old times a light was hung to guide travellers approaching Y ork. The old name for this church was the beautiful one of All Hallows, never All Saints.

26. Clifford Street and the old Opera House, York, showing onee again the tram lines.

27. York Station and the Royal Station Hotel with only horses and carts in sight. In the foreground, if you look closely, tram lines can just be seen.

28. The present Blue Bridge was built in 1929. It was once flanked by two Russian guns from Great Redom at Sebastopo1 during the Crimean War. This picture shows them in position. They remained here until 1941 when they were sold as scrap for the war effort.

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