York in old picture postcards

York in old picture postcards

:   Alan Pickup
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2420-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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39. During the First Wor1d War many buildings were converted and used as temporary hospitals for the war wounded. This shows the Haxby Road Military Hospital, whieh was eoverted from Rowntree's Dining Block.

40. This Edwardian lady is just returning from astroll along the banks of the Ouse at Water End, Clifton. In the distance is another lady pushing a cycle up the rather steep slope.

41. Even today many industria1 concerns have their own works fire brigades. This shows Rowntree's own horse drawn fire engine,

42. The George Hotel in Pavement with a carriage and horses outside. The hotel could claim an excellent billiard room, splendid stabling, a spacious covered - yard for motors, electric light. Cyclists, choir and family parties catered for with moderate terms and a special cab fare for commercials from the station. The proprietor was G.H. Stott.

43. This shows the Old Vicarage in North Street within its setting in the street, probably about the turn of the century. In the distance is a covered waggon.

44. Whilst everyone associated York as a military city, there are few who realise its association with the early days of flying. This depiets army aeroplanes on the Knavesmire, York, and is one of a series of at least four cards covering this event.

45. This shows the Great Air Race between Yorkshire and Lancashire on 2nd October 1913. It is incredib1e that anyone shou1d have been willing to risk their lives in such light aircraft.

46. This shows the Royal Flying Corps' first visit to York on 21st February 1913. It was probably the large amount of open spaces on the strays and the race course which attracted these early planes to visit York.

47. 'Those magnificent men in their flying machines.' A by plane of the Royal Flying Corps making their first visit to York, 21st February 1913.

48. This is the Clarence Working Men's Club about to depart in 1923 on their outing from York to London. The coach belonged to H.C. Fawcett of York. It must have been a rough ride. Perhaps someone will recognise their grandparents in the group.

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