York in old picture postcards

York in old picture postcards

:   Alan Pickup
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2420-1
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49. The front view of Bishopthorpe Palace, the home of the Archbishop of York, taken about 1920.

50. The great fire at C.D. Mill's mill on the river side. They have put the time 6 a.m., but not the date. The building was obviously gutted.

51. College Street is one of the thoroughfares of York, more interesting to the louger than the busy man. Old houses with an over hanging upper story look down on a square of grass and trees and there comes through under its gatehouse hardly a stir of the busy life of Parliament Street and the Shambles, or at least that was the case in 1921.

52. The Five Sisters' window in York Minster is the finest example of Grisaille glass in the world and dates back to about 1260. The five lights in each window measure over 5 feet in width and 55Y:2 feet in height. In 1923 it was restored as a memorial to the Women of the Empire who fell in the War.

53. Weapons For Victory Week during the First World War. This display with a tank and a military band playing on a platform was part of the fund raising efforts. The banner reads 'The boys at the front are doing their bit do yours now'. The buildings in the background are Ward's Restaurant and H.ß. Dale.

54. An open air Harvest Festival Service in Exhibition Square, 1915. The posters are very down to earth. There is no indication of what denomination organised the event.

55. Private Dancing Schools abounded at one time where official lessons in ballroom dancing were given. This is the Albany Hall, York, which was Mr. H.B. Cooper's Academy of Dancing.

56. Bootham Bar, The West Gateway, on the North Road. Part of the pediment of this Roman Gate is preserved in the Museum gardens. The barbican was taken down in 1831. On the right is a carriage with another one lined up next to it, just as taxis queue up for trade today,

57. A superb interior view of York Station showing the roof to its best advantage and showing platforms 7 and 4, but the amazing thing is no people in sight at all.





58. Fishergate Postern, the buildings attaehed to whieh were destroyed in a riot in 1489. A walk of about a quarter of a miIe by the waters of the Foss brings you to the Red Tower, where the Eastern Wall of Vork eommenees. The Red Tower has its original loop holes. This eard is pre-1904.

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